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We are here with you (located in Findlay Creek, Ottawa) and would be delighted to assist  in your very important quest to find an awesome nanny/caregiver!

You may browse our high-quality database of prospective nannies for free! We respect their privacy and will not post that information online. Please contact us to view the resumes.


When you find a suitable candidate, it is up to you to contact her and arrange an interview. We do not interfere with your choice. There is no limit on how many nannies you may wish to contact.

Types of Nannies

  1. To take care of a child or several children
  2. To take care of an elderly person or two elderly people (parents or other relatives)
  3. To take care of someone who has a disability of some sort, or someone who needs assistance with managing their daily needs


The In-Home Caregiver program in Canada allows you to sponsor a nanny either from overseas or locally. Do you wish to learn more about the process? No question is too small or unimportant for us to answer.  We are very experienced and knowledgeable and sincerely hope that you will give us a try. There is no charge to assess your needs or for you to browse our database of prospective nannies.

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613-425-2223 during business hours


Thank you!



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