Cost of a Nanny 2017

Most people will hire a nanny for 8 hours a day, five days a week, which equals forty hours.

The minimum wage for a live-in caregiver in Ontario is currently

For Elderly Home Care the median wage is currently $15.00/hr in the Ottawa area


Special note about minimum wage.  (Local area nannies most likely will not work for minimum wage). Most people start paying the bare minimum for the nanny, that is fine (for a newcomer from overseas it is okay) at the beginning while her performance is being evaluated. But please consider raising her salary after a few pay-periods.  Almost nobody does this, yet even a 10 cent  increase (per hour) will make a huge difference for the nanny. It will show an appreciation for her hard work and always remember, monetary compensation goes farther than mere words.

The rules have changed and the nanny/caregiver is NOT to be charged anything to stay in the home. A room may be provided (free of charge), however it is not a job requirement for her to stay overnight.

See below for a breakdown of the cost to have a nanny.

Using the ONLINE PAYROLL CALCULATOR <<—click there to see

Reserve 4% for vacation pay  (Ontario)

Remember that you must pay the nanny’s income tax, CPP and EI; employers are also required to pay CPP (1X) and EI (1.4X) on the employee BUT this does not come off the nanny’s salary, rather it is over and above it

As an employer you are required to give the employee two T4 slips by the end of February each year (Revenue Canada sends the appropriate forms and the appropriate times). A Record of Employment is also required for the Nanny upon request.

It seems that some employers don’t register with WSIB, however it is a very low lost investment to protect the Nanny and the Employer from any costs associated with an injury on  the job which would cause lost wages (for the nanny) or “nanny unavailable” (for the employer).

 WSIB approx. $13.60 per week

WSIB stands for: (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)

In this case, for a live-in caregiver the WSIB rate group is for Residential Home Operations (# 852)


Please note:

When you hire a nanny, you are able to use the following deductions on your income tax in Ontario:

Annual child care expense amount is:

* $7,000 for each child under 7 years of age at the end of the year;

* $4,000 for each child over 6 years of age at the end of the year and under 16 years of age at any time during the year; or

* $4,000 for each child over 15 years of age throughout the year who has a physical or mental infirmity and is dependent on the taxpayer, the taxpayer’s spouse or common-law partner